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Contract Services

Advantage Consulting Services offers a number of contract services that are charged at various rates depending on the type of service, the scope of work involved, and the estimated amount of time required to complete the project. We fully understand the limited funds most small businesses and non-profit organizations have available for hiring outside consultants, so we adjust our fees and support services to meet each client’s particular need and budget. Most contract service fees range between $15 and $175 per hour. Contract services can also be charged by the project, with payment made upon completion of the project.

Examples of some of the contract services offered by Advantage Consulting Services include:

  • writing, editing and proofreading services
  • writing or reviewing a business plan
  • assisting new non-profit organizations with incorporation, drafting by-laws, writing mission statement, developing a board of directors, and acquiring tax-exempt status
  • marketing and public relations for your business or organization
  • developing and maintaining your Website
  • grant writing and grant proposal/application reviews
  • funding research for small businesses and non-profit organizations
  • development and management of capital campaigns and fundraising appeals
  • training volunteer fund raisers
  • program development projects, including drafting work plans
  • conducting program evaluations and performance measurement
  • drafting human resources policies, employee handbooks, and volunteer management guidelines
  • drafting policy handbooks and manuals for board of directors
  • training for board of directors
  • facilitating board of directors retreats
  • facilitating strategic planning sessions
  • drafting strategic plans and sustainability plans
  • workshops and training in grant writing and fundraising
  • workshops, seminars and exercises in leadership development, team building, diversity training, and life skills training
  • workshops and training in crisis communication
  • workshops and training in health literacy and health communications


We are willing to negotiate our fees to fit limited budgets. But for the most part, there are two options for payment for services:

OPTION A:  Retainer
Under this option, both parties determine a set number of hours and hourly fee for the duration of the contract:  for example, a minimum of 30 hours per month @ $25.00 per hour. Under this example, Advantage Consulting Services guarantees to provide 30 hours of work each month towards completing the projects outlined in the contract. There are several advantages to this payment option:  1) it allows for flexibility as needed; 2) a flat fee is paid for all services, avoiding fluctuation in charges from month to month; 3) if Advantage Consulting staff exceed the agreed number of hours to complete the contract, there is no additional charge to your organization; 4) it allows your organization to control the amount of hours and hourly rate to fit your budget.
OPTION B:  Payment by Project
Under this option, a set fee is paid for each project, usually with payment received upon completion of the project (but some large projects may require a portion of the payment "up front"). The scope of work, estimated time and level of skill required to complete the project will be considered in setting the fee for the services provided. For example, grant writing would be charged at a higher rate than research or database development. And because many of the projects will have ongoing timelines (that is they will require follow up after completion) that time will also be included in determining the fee scale.


Additional Fees

Under both options, Advantage Consulting Services may submit other expenses for reimbursement including costs for materials, printing, postage, long distance telephone charges and travel expenses.
For more information about contract services and fees, please contact us by phone or email. We are willing to negotiate our fees to fit limited budgets.




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