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Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Starting a non-profit organization, and maintaining the leadership and grant funding to keep it going, takes a lot of thoughtful planning, plenty of hard work, and a little bit of luck. Advantage Consulting Services can give you and your organization the advantage to succeed! Contact us and let us know how we can help. 

Starting a non-profit organization

Starting a non-profit organization can be a lengthy, time consuming, and often confusing process. However, the difficulties of the process can be minimized by following a consistent series of steps and seeking advice when needed. Advantage Consulting Services offers many free services and resources to individuals or groups interested in developing new non-profit organizations.

Board of Directors development and training

A board of directors that functions well is the cornerstone of a successful nonprofit organization. Advantage Consulting Services can help you develop a strong board of directors. We provide a number of free services and resources, but also contract with organizations to facilitate board trainings and retreats, as well as drafting board of directors manuals and policy handbooks.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is a critical element for all non-profit organizations. It determines where an organization is going, how it's going to get there and how it'll know if it got there or not. Advantage Consulting Services can help your organization develop a strong strategic plan. We also provide trainings and workshops, as well as facilitation for strategic planning retreats.

Sustainability planning 

One of the biggest factors in making your organization or programs sustainable is the creation and implementation of a resource development (or sustainability) plan. Advantage Consulting Services offers a number of resources to help your organization develop a comprehensive sustainability plan.  We also provide facilitation of sustainability planning retreats for board members and staff.

Grant writing

Non-profit organizations survive on grant funding. If your organization has a specific project or program for which you are seeking funding and you would like some assistance, we'll be happy to assist you with your research and help you determine appropriate options. We also contract to write grant proposals. But if you or others on your staff want to learn how to research grant opportunities and write successful grant proposals, we offer trainings and workshops in grant research and proposal writing. .


Non-profit organizations that are most successful make fundraising an ongoing process, not just a one-time annual activity. Fundraising has to be conceptualized as part of your program activities and has to be built into the rest of the work you do. Advantage Consulting Services can help you develop a fundraising team, set goals and select a winning strategy.

Program development and evaluation

Programs are a non-profit organization’s mission in action. Through programs, you reach out to those in need of your services. Strong programs are tied to the organization’s strategic plan and they follow a logic model anchored with outcomes and measures. Program evaluation is the cornerstone of continuous improvement and necessary for acquiring and sustaining funding. 

Crisis communication and management 

As an executive director or board leader of a non-profit organization, you need to develop a crisis communication plan to provide information, control damage, ensure safety, and help people make informed decisions during a crisis. Advantage Consulting Services can help you develop a crisis communication plan.

Developing a Website and presence on the Internet 

The Internet connects you to clients, volunteers, donors, and your community. Does your organization need a website? What about a blog? Do you plan to utilize social marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter? Advantage Consulting Services can help you establish a professional web presence that gets results.

Writing, editing and proofreading services

Your newsletters, fundraising letters, grant proposals and documents should reflect the values and standards of your organization and the quality of your programs and services. Advantage Consulting Services offers writing, editing and proofreading services to help you get your message out effectively, clearly, and without any mistakes!



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